flame 20111109

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Last updated: Thu, 26/12/2013 - 1:09pm

Release notes

  • Add VUSB console, allows text output from V-USB devices (such as the MHVBoard) over USB. Requires Paul Stoffregen's HID Listen program to receive the output.
  • Extended Device_TX with new methods that utilise dynamic memory: printf(), and write(Xint(8|16|32)_t). The following classes inherit from Device_TX and will be able to use the new methods:
    • MHV_Display*  (all display classes)
    • MHV_HardwareSerial  (serial port driver)
    • MHV_VusbConsole  (USB console mentioned above)
    • MHV_VusbTypist  (USB Keyboard driver with Device_TX support)