avrtools 20111222

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File MHV_AVR_Tools_20111222.exe 23.6 MB 768260aafbe5f1c479eb35f872264684
File mhvavrtools-linux_x64-20111222.7z 23.22 MB df93abc1743bc36116bab9f2045b8770
File mhvavrtools-linux_x86-20111222.7z 22.67 MB d488b0e1b494d128edc8c135ca5c45ec
File mhvavrtools-OSX_x64-20120122.7z 9.97 MB 7e09061d579a638ad2c331c83a55b66d
File mhvavrtools-win32-20111122-errata.7z 782.93 KB 75136ff8b2a006b597c25dd5d5ccbfd0
Last updated: Thu, 26/12/2013 - 1:31am

Release notes

  • Update to latest GCC 4. snapshot
  • Statically link GCC dependancies
  • Include the correct libusb-win32 package so avrdude will launch
  • Add preliminary support for Linux


  • The libiconv-2.dll file is missing from the Win32 installation.
  • AVR LibC is missing some symbols.

To resolve these issues, extract the attached errata archive into C:\Program Files (x86)\MHV AVR Tools