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avrtools 20131017

Download Size md5 hash
File MHV_AVR_Tools_20131101.exe 26.47 MB 5d05b95c89308ea3cef3d45da85a3a0a
Binary Data mhvavrtools-linux_x64-20131017.runme 21.32 MB 45b2fc9e2a3bcc199885482487cff905
Binary Data mhvavrtools-linux_x86-20131017.runme 20.84 MB d928a4b148127f15ec2c1cce7b1cf616
Binary Data mhvavrtools-osx_x64-20131017.runme 16.07 MB 9a3f072c362837b4642b9cbf3fa3d540
Last updated: Wed, 25/12/2013 - 11:03pm

Release notes

Use the latest stable versions:

  • Make 4.0

Use the latest development versions:

  • Binutils 2.24.51
  • GCC 4.8-20131010
  • AVR LibC 1.8.0-dev

Statically link gettext & iconv on Win32

Enable loop optimisations in GCC

avrtools 20120709

Download Size md5 hash
File MHV_AVR_Tools_20120709.exe 20.13 MB 8debc19f0ed2f6c625abead11ce14a65
Last updated: Thu, 26/12/2013 - 12:26am

Release notes

  • Bump to GCC 4.7.1 and Binutils (development snapshot)
  • Enable LTO
  • Enable XMega microcontrollers

avrtools 20121007

Download Size md5 hash
File MHV_AVR_Tools_20121007.exe 20.37 MB 935d3595f5a8cb81326a6371fbec5037
Binary Data mhvavrtools-linux_x64-20121007.runme 17.98 MB d94d51a773258f44d6b8be02155153aa
Binary Data mhvavrtools-linux_x86-20121007.runme 17.23 MB 9e96dd15ef0e5bcff67a05ba3f439fb1
Binary Data mhvavrtools-osx_x64-20121007.runme 14.38 MB c76cb796ed1cbc730cf1a197599f231a
Last updated: Wed, 25/12/2013 - 11:33pm

Release notes

Update to GCC 4.7.2

avrtools 20120329

Download Size md5 hash
File MHV_AVR_Tools_20120329.exe 28.77 MB 1f6e67248850764f495a1e04d40d5442
Binary Data mhvavrtools-linux_x64-20120329.runme 14.37 MB 1af6075be0df99cc02ec1105eea40210
Binary Data mhvavrtools-linux_x86-20120329.runme 13.56 MB 00379e704a7beb7d930d9494f43ba3ed
Binary Data mhvavrtools-osx_x64-20120329.runme 14.1 MB 78a82f978c03552f8333370a60b77961
Last updated: Thu, 26/12/2013 - 12:51am

Release notes

  • Update to GCC 4.7.0
  • Add AVR-GDB
  • Add SimAVR

avrtools 20120122

Download Size md5 hash
File MHV_AVR_Tools_20120122.exe 23.29 MB 85113cc937a76dd033239d0f3abc7b21
File mhvavrtools-linux_x64-20120122.7z 23.32 MB d20f781823ed5b10f5a9d97849c89801
File mhvavrtools-linux_x86-20120122.7z 22.76 MB 2e9c7001ce63d1268c4050654ebbc546
File mhvavrtools-OSX_x64-20120122.7z 9.97 MB 7e09061d579a638ad2c331c83a55b66d
Last updated: Thu, 26/12/2013 - 1:12am

Release notes

All files supplied are self-extracting - under *nix machines, set the permissions to execute and run them to extract.

  • Fix missing library problems in previous release
  • Add MacOSX support

avrtools 20111222

Download Size md5 hash
File MHV_AVR_Tools_20111222.exe 23.6 MB 768260aafbe5f1c479eb35f872264684
File mhvavrtools-linux_x64-20111222.7z 23.22 MB df93abc1743bc36116bab9f2045b8770
File mhvavrtools-linux_x86-20111222.7z 22.67 MB d488b0e1b494d128edc8c135ca5c45ec
File mhvavrtools-OSX_x64-20120122.7z 9.97 MB 7e09061d579a638ad2c331c83a55b66d
File mhvavrtools-win32-20111122-errata.7z 782.93 KB 75136ff8b2a006b597c25dd5d5ccbfd0
Last updated: Thu, 26/12/2013 - 1:31am

Release notes

  • Update to latest GCC 4. snapshot
  • Statically link GCC dependancies
  • Include the correct libusb-win32 package so avrdude will launch
  • Add preliminary support for Linux


  • The libiconv-2.dll file is missing from the Win32 installation.
  • AVR LibC is missing some symbols.

To resolve these issues, extract the attached errata archive into C:\Program Files (x86)\MHV AVR Tools

avrtools 20111106

Download Size md5 hash
File MHV_AVR_Tools_20111106.exe 19.85 MB 4dc9e718debacbe5ce663acf54ca801c
Last updated: Thu, 26/12/2013 - 1:36am

Release notes

  • Upgrade to GCC 4.6.2 (fixes some long standing AVR bugs)
  • Upgrade to AVR LibC 1.7.2rc2252
  • Upgrade to AVRDUDE 5.11.1

avrtools 20110306

Download Size md5 hash
File devenv.20110306.7z 1.64 KB f670c475df2432ef2d5f721c0276b73d
File MHV_AVR_Tools_20110306.exe 16.67 MB 1bd9d0883f7ca6dfee2ef69a25533068
File mhvavrtools-src.20110306.7z 36.05 KB f5752daa25da28e7b104540918779fc9
Last updated: Thu, 26/12/2013 - 1:47am

Release notes

  • GCC updated to 4.5.2
  • AVR LibC Updated to 1.7.1 (fixes delay bug)
  • Included GNU Win32 utilities (rm, touch, echo & friends)
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