Development Board for Wearable WS2812 LEDs

This board is designed to allow quick prototyping of wearable LED projects. It features an array of 24 WS-2812 RGB LEDs that are controlled by a single line from a microcontroller. Multiple boards may be daisychained together for larger arrays. When you are done prototyping your project, simply snap out the LEDs from the carrier board and sew them into fabric using conductive thread.

Each WS2812 LED is a 5050 SMD RGB LED with an integrated WS-2811 controller. Communication speed is fixed at 800KHz.

The following (incomplete) list shows which libraries are available to drive these LEDs:

Three input lines are required: Power (5V), Ground and Data In. Three output lines are also provided (to chain to the next LED): Power, Ground and Data Out.

The schematics & board layout are available from our Git Repository:

git clone git://