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Development Board for Wearable WS2812 LEDs

This board is designed to allow quick prototyping of wearable LED projects. It features an array of 24 WS-2812 RGB LEDs that are controlled by a single line from a microcontroller. Multiple boards may be daisychained together for larger arrays.

Starter Schematics

One thing we find ourselves doing time and time again is dropping a microcontroller into a schematic, then wiring up a crystal, serial port, power filtering, etc.

To save ourselves (and you!) time, We're saving schematics with the initial parts already hooked up. To get your project going, grab one of the schematics and delete the parts you don't need for your project.


You can grab the latest development schematics from out GIT repository:


The MHVBoard is a low cost Arduino clone, based off the Metaboard.

It offers a TTL serial port, USB programming, ICSP, breadboard compatible headers and hardware already set up for software USB via V-USB.

Flame Runtime


Having been frustrated with many of the inefficiencies of the Arduino core libraries, we have built an alternate set with performance and size in mind. Alastair has given a talk at the Canberra Linux User Group about this library - the slides can be viewed on SlideShare.

AVR Tools

We have built our own set of tools in a WinAVR-like layout suitable for use as a replacement. Please note that no guarantees as to fitness or suitability are being made. In particular, bleeding-edge releases of GCC have not been tested as extensively as GCC 4.4.x, so use these builds at your own risk.

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