Antminer/Innosilicon Fan Shroud for 150mm duct


This is a 3d printed fan shroud that we have designed and developed in-house. It is made from durable ABS plastic, and allows you to connect a 150mm flexible duct to your miner's 120mm exhaust fan, allowing you to vent the hot air directly outside (or in winter, into your air conditioning ducts). For longer runs, I have found that a 150mm duct is the minimum required to allow airflow from the machine, anything smaller increases the backpressure, which leads to higher temperatures.

The mount features a negative taper, such that pulling on the duct increases the clamping force. Most other designs do not have a taper, which can result in ducts working loose over time.

A 500mm duct tie is supplied to fasten the ducting on, but you may also use a 150mm diameter screw clamp.

Mounting screws to suit an Antminer S9/D3/L3+ are included, as the original screws are too short to reach through our thicker base. Other designs use a recess for the screw, which leaves little support material and a higher risk of breaking.

On an S9, one screw has about 2mm clearance to a capacitor on a hash board. You can increase this clearance if you wish by adding additional washers to the one screw which is affected (I am running my S9s without additional clearance, and they run fine, but given the cost of replacing a hash board, you may want the extra safety margin that the washers provide).

Colour will depend on available material, but will normally be either grey or black.

Weight: 0.2 kg
Dimensions: 130 mm × 130 mm × 50 mm